Bundesliga Live Streaming

The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest soccer leagues in the world, with teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke or Eintracht Frankfurt. There are a few options to watch Bundesliga live streaming and we will explain all of them on this page.

1. Unibet Live Streaming

As always, Unibet is our first choice when it comes to live streaming games from the German Bundesliga. With Unibet you can watch all games from Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga (second division) and DFB Pokal (German Cup). All you need to do is sign up for an account an then deposit a minimum amout of money or place a bet. Either one of these options will give you access to live streaming
If for some reason your live broadcast is blocked by geolocation (it can happen), you can unblock it by connecting to a VPN and choose a different country.

2. Watch Bundesliga online with a VPN

For this option to work, you need to have an active VPN software on your system (click here to get one). Now, you have two options.

First option: you can use the Fox Soccer Match Pass. Connect the VPN to any USA server and then go here. Use the 7 Days Free Trial, so you don’t have to pay for the service. Now, you can enjoy the game.

Second option: if you want to use BT Sports, connect the VPN to any UK server and then go here. Follow the same steps as above, though no free trial is available on BT Sports.

3. Use free live streaming sites

The third option is to use the sites that offer free live streaming links. There are two major problems with these kind of sites. First, they are full of ads which contain viruses. It’s no secret these types of sites are trying to get your computer infected with malware or adware, so be very careful. Use a good, paid antivirus to stay on the safe side.

The second problem is the legal aspect of accessing free live streaming sites. While in some parts of the world watching illegal streaming is no criminal offence, in many countries this might be a felony. If you decided to go for free live streaming and know for sure that in your country this is illegal, you must use a VPN. The VPN will give you total anonymity and hyper encryption, so nobody will know what kind of sites you visit.

To find free live streaming sites for Bundesliga, search Google with the following keywords: “free Bundesliga streaming”, “free live stream Bundesliga”. You will find enough sites to choose from, but always use a VPN.